Environment protection and quality policy

We use high standards for the sake of the environment

Environment protection and quality policy

We are aware that construction activity of Uniserv S.A. may have impact on the natural environment and therefore environment protection in our company is based on a certified management system that provides our clients with guarantee that the services provided by our company are of highest quality. For the people around us this constitutes evidence of our care for the natural environment.

Within the framework of our activity in aid of respect to the natural environment, we carry out actions aimed at use of environmentally friendly products, pro-ecological activities and disposal of used products. In our company, there is implemented strict segregation of communal waste and there are periodically carried out actions consisting in selective collection of waste other than communal waste. Bearing in mind that the implementation of the investment has a greater or lesser impact on our surroundings, we make our best effort in order for the organisation of construction sites and infrastructure not to interfere directly with the natural environment and for the processes executed not to disturb the natural rhythm of the surrounding flora and fauna, a in case of construction sites located in direct vicinity of households – we care not to disturb their inhabitants as well. Depending on the changing conditions and needs related to that there are developed environmental instructions within the scope of environment protection, e.g. management of waste in a given organisational unit.

Contracts important from the point of view of environment protection and executed by Uniserv S.A.:

  • Erection of 3-liner concrete chimney for wet flue gas desulphurisation system in Orlen Płock company heat and power station. The new chimney that replaced the previously existing stacks is going to ensure emission of flue gas with much lower sulphur content and therefore less adverse environmental effect.
  • Reconstruction of one through cooling systems to closed cycle wet cooling systems of Steel Making Facility and Rolling Mill for Huta Stali Jakościowych (Quality Steel Works) in Stalowa Wola. Closing of cooling systems executed in the “design and build” form by Uniserv- Piecbud S.A. enabled reduction in cooling water demand, sewage discharge and power consumption in cooling system in comparison to previously existing installations. This task was financed by Regional Environment Protection Fund (WFOŚ).
  • Erection of natural draught cooling tower for the new power unit in Jaworzno power plant. The cooling tower, next to extract waste heat from the turbine cooling system to the atmosphere, will also discharge treated flue gases from the new power unit. Such solution ensures the better dispersion of flue gas contaminations, reducing the negative impact for the area adjacent to the power plant. Additionally, also for the purpose of reducing influence for the adjacent area, the cooling tower will be fitted with silencers that will reduce the level of resulting emission of noise to the environment to the minimum.
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