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UNISERV S.A. is a specialist company providing comprehensive services within the scope of water cooling systems, industrial chimneys, silos and industrial furnaces.
The company works for enterprises operating in the following sectors: professional and industrial power sector, smelting, chemical and petrochemical industry, steelworks, non-ferrous metal smelting plants, coking plants, cement works and also other industrial and manufacturing plants.
The UNISERV S.A. company was founded in 2008. It operates on the basis of staff and technical infrastructure of Piecbud- Bytom S.A. (2003) separated from Piecbud S.A. company that has been operating in Poland since 1948. At the end of 2016, the Uniserv- Piecbud SA corporate group was created.
As a Group, we provide specialist services for the industry in a unique manner, by combining technological competences with engineering and construction potential, which enables independent provision of comprehensive services to clients. The main scopes of specialization encompass the issues of water cooling, combustion gas discharge and bulk product storage. The group provides also services within the scope of industrial furnaces and other steel and reinforced concrete structures.
Combination of technological and engineering and construction services is possible thanks to, among others, experienced team that cover all the investment execution chain links, starting from designers and ending with people supervising directly the works at the facility, as well as thanks to proven base of collaborating subcontractors. The group has its own modern technical solutions for devices constituting the cooling facility equipment. It is also in possession of continuously improved specialist devices used for efficient erection of large-size reinforced concrete shells and chimneys.

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